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We're going to show you the 3 best foods for naturally boosting your testosterone, but first guys I'd like to take a moment to break a major stereotype associated with boosting testosterone as a man now. When we use the phrase testosterone boosting, it gets a little bit messed up, in people's minds what they do is they picture some big buff dude, injecting steroids into themselves, but are you ready for some truth anabolic steroids aren't the only way of boosting your testosterone level, he's absolutely right guys, and in my experience I can tell you this it's not really about the illegal hormone injections that are the most common unnatural boosting methods, in fact, the legal testosterone boosting method which is referred to as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT for short is actually the most popular form of unnatural hormone enhancement.

We're all right because this is great information listen, if you're in your late 30s, 40s or maybe in your 50s like me, I'm getting old books like that, thank you I appreciate it, you don't have to sign your life away with taking TRT injections either because once you choose this unnatural route, it's really hard to get your body to start producing testosterone naturally again it can happen, but it's going to take a while.

So you will need continued medical assistance, if you want to stay balanced throughout, now I'm not saying that every man out there should avoid supervised treatment like TRT, because it clearly does help men get their test levels back up, but in order to keep them that way men must take these injections for a long time, and if you get off you're definitely going to be suppressing your levels, but it is possible to get them back definitely an option that's very true, but typically when a man with deficient levels qualify for TRT, he is qualifying for this treatment because his healthcare provider has determined, that his body can no longer produce the test levels, he's required to as a man, therefore, the basis of this treatment is one for long-term care and one that you can't just stop taking if you're tired of having to take weekly injections.

Testmax Nutrition Meal Plan

I don't know about you but I'm a guy who is willing to explore what I can do naturally to boost my hormone health before I ever go down that road, because once you go there it's really hard to turn back plus, the natural methods aren't just theory, they've got just as much science behind them as any other treatment, does now working out, for example, is one of the most scientifically validated ways of boosting your testosterone levels things, like compound movements squat deadlifts bench, presses should be your go-to exercises for pumping up your tee scores, and don't think I'm just rattling off research guys.

I was trying to stay on the beat, but I've actually co-created one of the most popular tests boosting workout programs, that I prescribe to all of my male clients, it's called ABS after 40 advanced, and I've included for any of you guys who are interested in 80 boosting workout plan, that I go ahead feel, it use myself touchably one thing, she's also going to grab, it that thing's like a monster right there, now although working out is great, and I really encourage men who are serious about their hormone health to learn more.

You can actually skyrocket listen to this, you can actually skyrocket your test levels naturally without ever touching a dumbbell, in fact all you need to do is make a quick trip to the supermarket and buy some testosterone boosting foods, just like this all right, we have a pile of things 3 tests boosting things that's why they're hidden, we hid these for a reason guy, so let's from them we're going to reveal them one at a time right, so these belong to the special testosterone group called cruciferous vegetables.

Testmax Nutrition Meal Plan

Testmax Nutrition Meal Plan

Testmax Tips

So listen cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cauliflower and green things like this, contain a lot of nutrients that can promote optimal health, but also provide nutrients essential for testosterone production hold on to that for me, please they do they also contain a nutrient called indole-3-carbinol which is the precursor to a compound called Diane I'd Don Alda methane, or listen I just look good on TV.

I can't really sing dim, alright dim doesn't have an effect on testosterone secretion, just google it you'll find out for yourself, but it does help modulate estrogen levels in the body seriously, though we're having fun, this is really good information hold that - that has been validated by research, it helps the body produce more good versus bad estrogen, which in turn allows the body to maintain healthier levels of testosterone anyway spot on Clark I love that.

So other cruciferous vegetable help you rid your body of estrogen include kale cabbage and turnips as well yep now, if you don't like the taste of these, which I do this is really good raw man seriously, don't worry about it, the problem is probably that you just don't know good ways of flavoring them, so they actually taste good. I am going to be showing you a few ways several ways to make cruciferous vegetables taste great later, on this week that's right, and we're going to show you a few smoothies with a cruciferous vegetable, which maybe you hopefully, you'll get to that point after we flavor them and you get them in your system, and delicious Portuguese kale soup recipe, that makes kale irresistible.

Testmax Nutrition Recipes

If you can believe that, where we make these delicious veggies tasty guys, you would be wise to listen to this lady, let's check out the mystery man food number 2 BAM go ahead, then a white brook Stacy, these are blueberries, these little powerhouses, right here are amazing okay. So why blueberries because it tastes good for one and it's another great food that can reduce harmful estrogen levels, and in turn support your test blueberries are great, they contain a nutrient called calcium D blue Krait, which is also naturally produced in the body. Now calcium D Gluconate has the ability to remove excess toxins, and estrogen from your body, in addition to this blueberries, contain reverse at all, I'd say with me out of we see there are people, we're actually.

So they helped me save resveratrol, thank you guys off the set right there, let's just keep this strong resveratrol, everyone say it with me resveratrol which is an anti aroma station, and estrogen lowering food, I love it, alright now for the final tea boosting mystery food, it is grass-fed beef, what's for dinner listen, there's just no way around the fact that grass-fed beef is the number one source of testosterone boosting protein, it's high-quality protein non corn-fed has an awesome amino acid balance, and even has fat that is saturated, which is the kind of fat linked to the biggest increases in testosterone production, not to mention that grass-fed and organically grown animal are not exposed to testosterone-lowering pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or insecticides.

I got it, they're also not pumped full of estrogen, like a mentioning cattle often is now a lot of men have beef, no pun intended with eating red meat, because of the cardiovascular risk associated with saturated fat, can you touch on that, just want to recap on what I mentioned in your second articles of this test over taking over this week, there have been no links connecting saturated fat and cardiovascular disease done, and with that. Now you can look this information up for yourself, in the BM3 the British Medical Journal researchers pulled a collection of studies to determine.

Testmax Nutrition Recipes

Testmax Nutrition Recipes

Testmax Nutrition Reviews

If the intake of saturated fats was in any way linked to cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes, or mortality, in general, their conclusion saturated fats were not found to be associated with more quality ischemic stroke cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes at all. So this information is in the news, if you I encourage you guys to take a look want to look at it for yourself, listen I posted the link to the full research review article in the description that's definitely true Clark, and I agree grass-fed beef is one of the best protein sources for men out there, but some guys may think that they can't afford the grass-fed beef.

So what would you say to those guys, I would say first of all they can't afford to have low testosterone any energy and feel like crap all the damn time, but first of all grass-fed beef is not that expensive and it tastes great as well listen to me, men, it's far better than standard ground beef second, if you incorporate more cheap protein sources like eggs and beans into your diet, you could afford the grass-fed beef without spending any extra money on your food, and finally if you find a good deal on grass-fed beef, just buy a whole bunch of it, stick it in the freezer, I still recommend guys eat some beef, if they can't afford grass-fed anyway, but the bottom line is that grass-fed beef is far healthier and far better for you what that's not the wrong there you go, and it's not that hard to afford.

If you eat ground meat and buy in bulk when you find a really good deal on it, so just stock up you guys are probably looking at these vegetables beef blueberries, and thinking man, you are really a thesis boring on healthy food, what is boring about this seriously blueberries man, come on this stuff is good my answer is no, because like I was telling you guys earlier when I made the change and adapted it to my life in my hormone supporting plan.

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I experimented over and over with simple ways to enhance the flavor of eating these in experiencing less bland stuff and more key boosting effects, and that's because I firmly believe that food should be enjoyed, no doubt man, I don't want you to eat a boring diet, if your diet leaves you feeling unsatisfied miserable, and I Got News for you, you're following the wrong diet. Now if you want to start eating foods that will not just boost your testosterone, but also taste incredible, then you have got to get signed up with my test Mack nutrition system, but in the meantime if you want to get a head start with one of the best tasting beef recipes ever to support your hormone health, then you need to head over to testmaxrecipes.com, say that form you want testmaxrecipes.com right now, and get your hands on the recipe for my man maker Roadhouse chili slow cooker chili that, is this chili recipe uses grass-fed beef along with a few other key tests boosting elements, that will give your body the raw materials, that it needs from food in order to create more of your master male hormone

So go with us to TestMax Recipes calm right now to get that recipe, and how to make it along with a grocery list, so that you can be set to make a big batch and enjoy it all week long, if you want now I'm even going to show you ways to make foods like these cruciferous vegetables taste amazing plus, I won't be just giving your recipe, I'll be demonstrating actually, we'll be demonstrating exactly how to prepare and cook your test boosting foods, that we've included within the membership program look, guys, trust me please just trust me once you get started, you won't believe how easy it is to really get the body the health and the energy that you once had back in your 20s or younger.

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