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TestMax Nutrition is a complete nutritional meal plan system designed to help men over age 40 increase natural testosterone production.

When men reach the age of 40, their male hormones naturally decrease. This can make it difficult to lose fat, build muscle, and maintain overall physical fitness. The TestMaxTips nutrition system works to combat the aging process by creating meals that boost testosterone and limit estrogen production to help users get in shape and stay in shape.

Clark Bartram is a world-renowned nutritionist and lifestyle coach who aims to help men over 40 get in shape and stay active. With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Clark is the #1 Most Subscribed Nutrition Expert For Men Over 40. He has worked to create a community for the countless men who suffer from the effects of aging while trying to maintain a strong, lean body.

Other nutrition programs focus on calories, carbs, and fat intake in an attempt to control overall body fat. What these programs overlook is the role that hormones play in body composition. Men need testosterone to maintain muscle mass and decrease body fat, and the presence of estrogen in the body inhibits many men from achieving the body they want. TestMax Nutrition works to increase testosterone and block estrogen production for a naturally stronger, more muscular body.



TestMax Nutrition Offers a Practical Meal Plan

Other meal plans take hours of preparation and often focus on “diet foods,” which makes most other nutrition plans unrealistic long-term. Spending hours each week to prepare foods you don’t like is not a realistic plan to keep the body healthy over the course of your life. Test Max Nutrition allows its users to spend just one hour each week preparing meals that taste great. TestMax Nutrition meals include indulgent foods that might be off-limits in other diet programs. Because it is less restrictive, this plan is easier to follow over time than diets that severely limit foods.

As men reach the age of 40, it can be harder to get into shape. Testosterone naturally decreases, which can lead to weight gain and a lack of energy.

Most men struggle to find time to stay in shape, and this is increasingly true for older men who have family and work obligations. Even if men do have the time for exercise, the foods they eat often don’t help them achieve their goals due to a lack of attention to hormones. TestMax Nutrition helps combat all of these problems older men face while trying to get into shape. TestMax Nutrition helps you create easy and delicious meals that increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. This makes it easier to find the energy to exercise, and these hormones alone will help with fat loss and muscle gain. The program is designed to allow users to prepare meals for an entire week in an hour, so anyone can find time to create healthy, balanced meals with the TestMaxTips nutrition plan.

The TestMax Nutrition package includes detailed recipes, simple meal preparation guides, and grocery lists to make the process even easier. The package also includes DVDs detailing the hormone science behind all of the foods included in the TestMax Nutrition program. You’ll also receive access to exclusive online content including recipe guides and more information on boosting your hormones. A complete testosterone-boosting foods catalog provides you with in-depth information about the top foods used to increase testosterone. You can use this catalog to create your own meal plans to increase the male hormone while keeping your diet varied and interesting.

The TestMax Nutrition program comes in three 30-day phases

  • Phase 1: Hormonal Detox – Most men over 40 have a hormone imbalance due to their body’s limited natural testosterone. This phase of the program focuses on foods that block estrogen to bring your body back into balance before boosting testosterone levels.
  • Phase 2: Male Hormone Optimization and Recharge – This phase includes foods designed to greatly increase testosterone levels in the newly-balanced body at the completion of Phase 1. This phase is where most of the body changes will take place, including weight loss, muscle growth, increased energy and confidence.
  • Phase 3: TestMax Lifestyle – Once the body reaches its optimum levels of testosterone and performance, this phase works to maintain those levels in a sustainable way. Meals in Phase 3 are designed to be flexible and enjoyable, making it easier to retain your progress over time.

For a limited time, all orders of TestMax Nutrition will include these free bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 30 days of free access to the full-length Test Max Nutrition meal plan and recipe guides. Use these delicious recipes to supplement your TestMax Nutrition plan and add variety to your weekly meals. A new recipe is added each week along with a complete guide to prepare and portion the meal.
  • Bonus #2: DVD set and instant online access to the complete TestMax Nutrition online features. These DVDs include workouts to help you gain muscle, complete TestMax Nutrition recipe guides, and meal preparation videos. Instant access allows you to view the content at home while your DVDs are being shipped so you don’t have to wait to get into shape.

TestMax Nutrition usually costs $197, but for a limited time you can get a 50% discount now and pay only $97 for the complete TestMaxTips Nutrition system. This includes the complete meal plan, recipes, and meal preparation guides for all three phases plus the bonuses listed above. Each Test Max Nutrition package also includes a catalog of testosterone-boosting foods to give you all the knowledge you need to create your own meals.

You can try TestMax Nutrition for 60 days risk-free. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just call or email for a full refund of your purchase minus shipping and handling. You can use the online tools and meal plans during this period to make sure TestMax Nutrition is the best choice for your body.

If at the end of 60 days you don’t like the product for any reason, you can receive a refund with no questions asked and no hassle.